Who we are

Who are we?

Our Mission

Build forefront and devoted residential real estate strategies with strong return on investment.

Our Vision

Leverage residential real estate markets better.

Our Services

Short-term, project-based, proactive media and prospecting to grow audience, get leads and gain referrals.

Our Values

  • Be the trusted and proven authority in residential real estate marketing.
  • Stay relevant.
  • Grow profitable commerce.
  • Inspire distinct community.
  • Strengthen human connections.
  • Nurture supportive culture.
  • Remember who we are.
  • Lead with our humanity.

Our Founder

Since 2007, Kevin Foster is applying his childhood dream to be a Disney Imagineer to the residential real estate process. His brain is wired for humanity, hospitality, engineering and accuracy.

He’s already been uncommonly effective in online media marketing. His architectural and real estate photography made related industry impressions and was featured on The TODAY Show.

Without spending one dollar, he created a customer and sales boosting, hyper local, viral video. It was for a Spotsylvania small business owner. A viral video that generates sales is a rare resume bullet point for most in any media marketing.

But this isn’t the place for his story. This is the place to profoundly leverage your story.

Our Present, Our Future

We’re based in Fredericksburg, a growing suburb in Northern Virginia. We’re centrally located between two of the top three metropolitan areas in our state: Washington DC and Richmond, VA. Our focus on the Fredericksburg region, even Virginia itself, is only the beginning.